Our network consists of numerous partners inside and outside Indonesia. Both the government, organizations and individuals help us rehabilitate animals and stop poachers and traders. For example, we work closely with the Indonesian national police and the authorities that deal with veterinary quarantine. The Ministry of Nature and Forests and the Ministry of Fisheries are also partners who fight with us against the trade in wild animals.

To bring the animals back to their original habitat, we collaborate with rescue centers throughout Indonesia. The archipelago is a huge area where many animals only appear in one defined geographical area. The search for where an animal belongs is therefore very important. We bring animals home by plane, by ship and by road, from the westernmost point in Medan to the easternmost point in Wasur National Park.

Our goal is to bring all animals back to nature. If there is no suitable shelter, we handle the rehabilitation process itself. Fortunately there are many partners. For example, many species of animals are welcome in the Cikananga Wildlife Center. For orangutans there are specialized shelters. Many funds and projects with which our foundation cooperates also focus on poachers and smugglers. We work most with the following foundations.

Onze partners

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