Our team regularly rescues crocodiles from villages. Because the crocodiles are losing their habitat, they look for food in urbanized areas. After a medical check we bring the animals to a place where they can live without being a danger to humans.

Crocodiles and alligators are threatened because people catch them for their skin, among other things. Bags, shoes and belts are made from them. Body parts are processed in traditional Asian medicines. The bones are crushed and added to fertilizer and animal feed. Their meat and eggs are cooked and eaten, while their sexual organs, musk and urine are processed into perfume.


At the Sumatra Wildlife Center, we receive thousands of turtles, all confiscated from the illegal wildlife trade. The turtles are often smuggled to end up in soup or the pet trade. Usually, the turtles arrive in deplorable conditions due to the long distance they already traveled and the stress and trauma they endured after being poached from the wild. Fortunately, we can catch them before reaching Java and rehabilitate them to the areas where they belong in Sumatra after intensive treatments and care at the Sumatra Wildlife Center.

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