Traveling dolphin shows finally stopped after 11 years.


After 11 years of campaigning, Wildlife Watchdogs has succeeded in stopping one of the cruelest dolphin shows in the world. Since February 5, 2020, the traveling Indonesian dolphin shows have been officially banned and will disappear forever.

The shows transported the dolphins from city to city in uncomfortable crates. The stress that dolphins experienced on a daily basis was unbearable and cruel. Once arrived, they were forced to perform shows in plastic swimming pools.

Catching dolphins is illegal and yet the shows continued for many years. Wildlife Watchdogs has campaigned from the very first moment to stop the animal abuse. After endless meetings, protests, lobbying and collecting evidence, we succeeded and we can celebrate this milestone.

Stopping these practices would not have been possible without the support of friends, fellow animal activists, students, professors, conservationists, journalists, scientists and all individuals who helped uncover cruelty. In particular, we must thank the continued support and collaboration of Ric O 'Barry's Dolphin Project.

Sheltering dolphins

The dolphins are no longer allowed to perform but are still the property of the circuses. Wildlife Watchdogs would love to help shelter the animals and offer them a dignified life. This will require a lot of organization and financial support in the coming months and years.


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