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Wildlife Watchdogs is a foundation that stops smugglers and animal suffering in Indonesia.
Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the foundation is busier than ever. Animals that were being used for entertainment are now abandoned cause there are no tourists to entertain. Zoos are closing down and animals are starving.

Locals can no longer afford to buy food for their pets, such as snakes and monkeys. When set free, they can be dangerous to the community because they might attack and/or bite people when looking for food. Wildlife Watchdogs tries to prevent even more suffering and wants to give as many animals as possible a future in the wild.

Special auction

A dozen of international artists designed - especially for us - some truly unique items, such as skateboards. True pieces of art that will look (thanks to the customized suspension system that comes with it) amazing on your wall. Di-rect contributed some really cool signed records, t-shirts and bags. The ‘Wegdeck’ craftsmen recycled old skateboards into ‘one of a kind’ utensils such as a bottle opener and an axe. One of the main pieces is a signed screen print from the renown illustrator Piet Parra.

Profits to the animals

All profits of the ‘Art for Wildlife’ auction will go to Wildlife Watchdogs, who help the animals survive the crisis.
For over 15 years, this foundation has been fighting animal smuggling / wild animal trade in Indonesia. With the help of K9 dogs – the best detectives available - they catch and stop smugglers. The Sumatra Wildlife Center is a shelter where the foundation rehabilitates all kinds of animals; from primates to rare tortoises and birds.

Two dolphins that had to tricks in a chlorine filled hotel swimming pool for years, are now – thanks to Wildlife Watchdogs - swimming in a sea cage near Bali, to refamilarize them with their natural habitat. Intense lobbying has not only brought several smugglers to court but also resulted in several law changes over the past few years – such as prohibiting dance monkeys and dolphin shows on Java and Jakarta.

Help Wildlife Watchdogs 

Make a bid and buy 1 of the unique items of the ‘Art for Wildlife’ auction and support Wildlife Watchdogs!

To help animals in need, you can also become a donor or volunteer. Donate today on our website or view volunteering information.

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