Baby orangutans saved from smugglers


Wildlife Watchdogs Foundation has rescued two baby orangutans from smugglers in Indonesia. The mother of the apes was probably killed by the smugglers. The animals were hidden in a bus under a load of banana boxes and on their way to the island of Java to be traded.

The two orangutans have been given the names Siti and Sudin. They are in good health. Now a process of several years starts in which the monkeys need 24/7 care. The aim of this rehabilitation is to allow the animals to live independently in the jungle of Sumatra. Normally, the young great apes stay with their mothers for about 8 years.

Stopping poachers and rehabilitating animals in Indonesia is the primary task of the JAAN Foundation and the Wildlife Watchdogs project. The habitat of the Orangutan is threatened by the expansion of palm oil plantations. The animals start roaming and are shot by plantation owners after which the babies are traded in illegal international animal trafficking. Local and international governments will have to work with internationals who continue to use palm oil on a large scale in their products, and thereby contribute to the problem.

Donations for the relief and rehabilitation of Siti and Sudin are welcome through our donation page. Wildife Watchdogs Foundation is an ANBI registered foundation.

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Wildlife Watchdogs is registered at the Chamber of Commerce in The Hague (CoC nr. 27267128) and recognized by the Minister of Finance as a Public Benefit Organisation (ANBI no. 814973140).

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