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Do you want to make an active contribution? View our current range of volunteer positions at the various activities that we do.

We are always looking for "turtle warriors" on Lembata island in Flores. You stay with locals and experience the real Indonesia. Also in the Sumatra Wildlife Center and for our work "behind the scenes" in the Netherlands we are always looking for extra hands. Send an email to info@wildlifewatchdogs.com if you think it's time to take action.

Volunteer in Indonesia

Turtle Warrior

After a traditional local breakfast you check the nests on the beaches for activity. After that, you have time to do something for yourself, such as exploring the island, snorkeling or enjoying nature. In the afternoon we walk another round along the nests. After the second visit you may assist in visiting a school to provide information.

When it is dark, the warriors patrol until about 11 p.m. Turtle warriors help to reposition nests and mark them without poachers knowing the location.

Become a volunteer?

We are looking for people with travel experience: The island on Flores has fewer facilities than your average holiday resort. You must also be able to stick your hands out of the sleeves and a reasonable condition is handy. Minimum age 18 years.

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Volunteer in Indonesia

Sumatra Wildlife Center

In the Sumatra Wildlife Center there is always something to do. Daily activities are cleaning the facilities, keeping paths clean by removing weeds and checking the gates.

In the center we always expect the unexpected. For example, we recently welcomed 450 rescued cockatoos and previously hundreds of turtles. If that happens, we immediately have to provide for basic, tailor-made facilities such as enclosures, food and medical assistance. We will soon be opening an education center to contribute to the development of the local population. Here we teach about the disastrous consequences of deforestation, dancing monkeys, elephant rides, cuddling with tigers and dolphin shows. Volunteers can teach English here.

Wildlife Watchdogs is still looking for 3000 m² of land to grow fruit and vegetables. This way the center can be self-sufficient. That is why gardening is also one of the possible activities for volunteers. After the realization of the field, we would also like to teach the local population how to grow food in a sustainable way.

Become a volunteer?

Sumatra is closer to civilization. It is handy if your English is good. You must have a hands-on mentality: gardening, painting, cleaning of animal enclosures, walking dogs, designing enclosures, looking for toys for monkeys. Minimum age 18 years.

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Help with fundraising

Collect money for Sumatra center

Become a Wildlife Watchdogs Warrior! Contribute to the closure of dolphinariums by donating. We can also use the support of children. We notice that small amounts tap quickly. Consider raising money by yourself, with your friends or maybe even with the entire class or school.

Collect money for Sumatra center and show support for closing the dolphinarium.

Tips for fundraising

  • Collecting and exchanging empty bottles at the supermarket
  • Baking and selling cupcakes
  • Selling your old toys on the free market of King's Day
  • Walking the dog
  • Washing cars
  • Organizing a sponsored run
  • Watering the plants

Register fundraiser

We are happy to help you if you want to set up a fundraiser yourself!

Register fundraiser

Wildlife Watchdogs is registered at the Chamber of Commerce in The Hague (CoC nr. 27267128) and recognized by the Minister of Finance as a Public Benefit Organisation (ANBI no. 814973140).

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